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Schreiben am Nordkapp

Nordic Skiing in The Wild

How to Get Around in the North with Public Transportation

Before Reality TV: Grobbelaar's 71 degrees North to Anfield Road

Northern Lights – Around the Clock

The End of the Toll Booth to Magerøya/North Cape



Enjoy the latest blog post

We have written more than one hundred different blog post for you to explore before traveling up and down to Nordkapp. Here are the three latest blog post:

The Tractor Safari to Nordkapp

Tirpitz Museum - The Story of the Beast

Jøkelfjord - The Imperial Ice of the Arctic

Diamonds of the Arctic - The Arctic Fjord Road

Arctic Fjord Road

The newest road to be documented by Visitnordkapp.no is the road along the coast of Norway to Nordkapp. For many Norway is the land of the fjords. The fjords of the arctic are just as spectacular as any other fjords in Norway.

The trademark picture for the road is the glacier in Jøkelfjord. The only glacier on mainland Europe calving into the sea. The imperial ice has, in fact, been a destinations for modern day tourist for as long as the North Cape plateau.

The first designated blog post along this road was the most important war memorial in Norway which is deliberately made out of reach for tourists.

Enjoy more imformation about the Arctic Fjord Road.

Diamonds of the Arctic - The Midnight Sun Road

Midnight Sun Road

As part of a big undertaking, VisitNordkapp.no has started to create a catalogue of film clips along different roads above the Arctic Circle. The goal is to create genuine and informative film clips from the area. The first road we have documented is the Midnight Sun Road between Piteå, Sweden and Nordkapp, Norway.

Some of the highligts along this road are the Grand Canyon of the Arctic, Storforsen, and tranquil Jergul.

Check out some of the film clips and blog post along Midnight Sun Road.

Pin your photos along "The Midnight Sun Road" - Visitnordkapp

Diamonds of the Arctic - Santa's Road

Santa's Road

The second road we have documented is the road between Rovaniemi and North Cape. A number of blog posts have been written and film clips are been edited. Read about some of Santa Claus' secrets, living troll legends and the sexiest place north of the Arctic Circle.

Check out some of the blog post along Santa's Road.

Diamonds of the Arctic - Bonus


On a long expedition in 2014 we had time to do some extra milage between Luleå and Rovaniemi. We visited true gems such as the Särestöniemi Museum in Kaukonen, Finland and the Ruter Retro Café in Boden, Sweden.

Check out some of the blog post in this Bonus Diamond (Luleå - Muonio - Rovaniemi)


The Land of the Light

The land of the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights. The land above the Arctic Circle is one of the most exotic destinations of Europe. We are starting to work on documenting other roads in addition to the Midnight Sun Road and Santa's Road. There are many interesting offers along the arctic roads.

The PlayDuck of the Year

Do you love photography? This is the newest photo opportunity. Get a close look at the royal duck and other ducks in Båtsfjord. Capture a raptor in Vestre Jakobselv. Adjust your light switch to get the best twist of the Northern Lights. The PlayDuck of the Year...

How to Get Around in the North with Public Transportation

Despite being the most sparsely populated area of Europe, the public transportation available is good. The challenges of getting a convenient itinerary are two-fold: The number of departures and the cross border transportation are limited. Navigo is a new planning tool for the traveler using public transportation to get from A to Z in the northernmost tip of Europe...

The Tourist Guide of the North Cape

The editor of visitnordkapp.no is also the editor of the tourist guide for the North Cape area. The 2011-12 guide is a special edition, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Nordkapp municipality.

Download the Nordkapp/Honningsvåg Info 2011-12 (8 MB)

Before Reality TV: Grobbelaar's 71 degrees North to Anfield Road

An avid Liverpool FC fan, I had the pleasure of meeting former goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar at "Nøden" pub in Honningsvåg on July 11th, 2009. Bruce Grobbelaar had been invited to Nordkapp by some local football/Liverpool fans along with David Johnson and Alan Kennedy... 

Northern Lights – Around the Clock

Possibly the most spectacular fireworks, the northern light baffles the lucky visitor. Perhaps an everyday thing among northerners, the Aurora Borealis sometimes even impresses the local people. It is also an important source of myth and folklore...





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