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Nordic Skiing in The Wild

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Nordic Skiing in the Wild

This is your opportunity to learn about the winter in the outdoors among new friends and wildlife.

Day 1

You arrive in Nordreisa, one of few National Park Villages in Norway, in the afternoon/evening. You meet the guide and other participants, receive information about the program, and we run a check on your gear and supplies. You will also get a briefing on the tour along with some pictures and we make further practical arrangements.

Day 2

We start skiing up and along the Reisa Valley. Weather permitting: We will also seek higher terrain in the area. Lunch and camp fire outdoors during the day.

You will learn about the wildlife in the Reisa National Park during the winter:

  • How to tell bear and wolverine footprints from each other.
  • What the excrements of an elk looks like.
  • Where a hare has been chewing some branches.
  • How to deal with the snow.
  • How to secure your safety in the mountains wintertime.
  • What type of ice you should avoid.
  • What are the singing birds telling us.
  • What the cracking sound of the trees are telling us.
  • And other

We arrive at a cabin either in the forest or on the mountain, depending on the weather, at the end of the day. We prepare ourselves for a nice evening according to local traditions. Sauna and bathing in the snow, dinner, dessert and storytelling around the camp fire.

Day 3

On the final day we return to the pick-up point back to civilization. We recapitulate the experiences we’ve had, and talk about the ski trip before a last meal. You will be driven to the bus station or airport for your journey back home.

Fotogalerie - Reisa National Park in the Winter



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