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Schreiben am Nordkapp

Nordic Skiing in The Wild

How to Get Around in the North with Public Transportation

Before Reality TV: Grobbelaar's 71 degrees North to Anfield Road

Northern Lights – Around the Clock

The End of the Toll Booth to Magerøya/North Cape



Transport to North Cape - Navigo


How To Get Around in the North with Public Transportation (Beta version)

Despite being the most sparsely populated area of Europe, the public transportation available is good. The challenges of getting a convenient itinerary are two-fold: The number of departures and the cross border transportation are limited.

The demand for day-to-day cross border travelling among the people of the north is embarrassing low. Furthermore, there is a lack of know-how among Norwegians about the transportation offers in Sweden. This is also general among all the people in the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

The distances are often long, so it is best to plan ahead. Navigo is a map showing you some of the most important connecting points and transportation lines. The map is not all-inclusive. There are additional transit opportunities in the area, in particular, locally.

Public transportation in the north is of high quality. Departures are on schedule, the coaches, boats, trains, planes and so on are often state of the art. It is affordable compared to UK, but expensive related to Spain.

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